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Deep-sea Octopus Graneledone boreopacifica 

This beautiful octopus is Graneledone boreopacifica (Octopodidae), a deep-sea cephalopod from the north Pacific, that generally lives in the bathyal to abyssal zones ranging from 90 m to 2755 m depththey also have been reported at particular ecosystems like hydrothermal vents and cold seeps.

This octopus is characterized by having uniserial rows of suckers, and wart-like tubercles covering dorsal surfaces of head, mantle, arms and web.

An article published in 2009 demonstrated that, like many other cephalopods, females of this species use sperm from multiple males to fertilize their eggs, so their hatchlings have multiple paternity.

Specimen shown was observed at 2327m in depth by the Canadian ROPOS (Remotely Operated Platform for Ocean Science).

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Photo credit: ©neptunecanada | Locality: Offshore Canada (Pacific)


Time Twist | ©Jason Chinn 

This amazon formation is parts of the North Coyote Buttes - The Wave area, located on the Colorado Plateau, near the Utah and Arizona border in the United States.

The area is a gallery of gruesomely twisted sandstone, resembling deformed pillars, cones, mushrooms and other odd creations. Deposits of iron claim some of the responsibility for the unique blending of color twisted in the rock, creating a dramatic rainbow of pastel yellows, pinks and reds.

Reference: [1]



Resin stacking rings by daimblond


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Reflecting sun

Taken from a flight coming in towards Chicago airport, this wonderful picture shows the sun’s rays passing under the layer of stratus cloud and reflecting back up towards the plane through a window in the cloud, producing a beautiful stream of coloured rays.

Image credit: Mark Hersch

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"Dragon Mist"

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.

~Marcel Proust 


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Rose-crowned fruit dove

The Rose-crowned fruit dove, Ptilinopus regina (Columbiformes - Columbidae) is a medium-sized (up to 22cm in length) fruit dove, readily identified by the combination of a pinkish-red or whitish (depending on the race) crown with a yellow border, green upperparts, orange belly, whitish throat, yellow-orange iris, and greyish green bill and feet.

This dove occurs in Australia, Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Peter Nijenhuis | Locality: The Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary, Port Douglas, Craiglie, Queensland, Australia


The Vortex - GIF made by me

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